Monday, September 19, 2016

The Card That Started It All

Here it is . . . a picture of the card that started it all.

After I spent a Saturday morning at a Stampin' Up card class last spring, I came home and bought a few items (some Stampin Up, some not).  I was excited to set them all up and see what I could accomplish on my own. 

The Going Global stamp set was perfect for this project.  So, with all my products set up and ready
to go, I started creating.  I used different

colors, but the same design and created over 30 invitations..  That was the beginning of it all.  I was definitely hooked and wanting to share this with everyone I know. 

And, my Stampin Up story begins . . .

Thank you Jason and Maggie for sharing your invitation with me so I can share it with everyone.  How were the colors chosen for each recipient?  It was completely random.  The were all put in envelopes, sealed, and shuffled before being addressed.  So, if you got your favorite color, BONUS.  If not, SORRY.  :)

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