Monday, March 11, 2019

Candy Dishes and Birthday Wishes

 Do you have memories of visiting someone who always had candy in a jar available for guests?
I remember that happening with an elderly neighbor whom I adopted as grandparents when I was a child  Every time we visited, there was candy waiting in a decorative dish on the coffee table.  Every time I see a glass dish shaped like a chicken, I am instantly transported to my pleasant memories of those visits and those neighbors.

I had begun to think that tradition had gone out of style  It had been a long time since I'd visited somewhere with a candy jar  Then, I saw one last week.  I went with my daughter for a visit to a college director and I spied a jar full of candy sitting on the end table in the corner by the visitors' chairs  I did not help myself to one, but the brightly colored candies made me smile

Maybe it did go out of style for awhile as we learned more about sanitation needs.  We've learned a lot more about germs and the spreading of illness through the year.  And, let's fact it, no one's hands are always clean enough and germ free to be rooting around in a communal candy jar  :)  Maybe we've all wanted to have candy in a jar, and the industry is just now catching up to have individually wrapped candies available  :)  Who knows?

All I know is that as I was cleaning the kitchen this week and need a place for leftover small boxes of Valentine heart candy, I reached for a crystal dish.  It may not be a candy jar, but it still made me smile  Where do you keep your candy?  or other treats?

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  1. Sweet card, Angel! (No pun intended!) We have a candy 'basket' at work. We also have candy dispensers with UNwrapped candy -gasp! So many things we do not do anymore because 'germs' . Love these germ free candy jars. So glad you could join us this week at 'Freshly Made Sketches.

  2. I do remember candy jars and I miss them! It wasn't polite not to take something - at least that was my excuse as a kid! Your trio of jars is absolutely charming. Thank you for playing along with us at Freshly Made Sketches.