Monday, March 25, 2019

Finding Peace

Imagine a geographical location that makes you feel calm and peaceful.  Do you have the picture in your mind?  Is is a specific location with good memories you'd love to revisit? Is it somewhere you've always dreamed of going?  Is it in your own house? property? backyard? 

When you think of your ideal geographical location is it quiet and full of only the sounds of nature?
Is it full of bright lights, city noises, and lots of hustle and bustle all around?
Are there lots of people around or are you in solitude?

My ideal geographical location is seeing beauty from my window, while I am in solitude with relative quiet and a comfortable controlled temperature with no bugs bothering my peace  It could be a bustling cityscape outside my window or it could be something like the card below.  It really depends on my mood  What about you?

When you are looking for peace and calm, take your crafting with you.  If the weather outside does not give you a gorgeous geographical view to look at, create it yourself.  I have to admit, I initially thought adult coloring was a waste of time and would just make me feel juvenile and silly.  I am here to report that I was wrong  I tried coloring for myself just to see what the big deal was all about.  As I colored, I felt the tension leaving my neck and shoulders and my mind was focused on the coloring in front of me, not the anxieties of adult life. Coloring is not for everyone, but there is something out there that will have the same effect on your mood.  If you haven't found it yet, give coloring a try and see if that might the answer for you.

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  1. Beautiful scenic card, Angel! Coloring definitely is therapeutic, isn't it? Thanks for playing along with us at SUO Challenges this week!

  2. Such a lovely card and your coloring is fabulous! Thank you so much for joining us at We hope to see you back tomorrow for another challenge.